What is History?

History is a fascinating and challenging subject, well known for encouraging high level critical thinking skills such as developing logical and sustained arguments, evaluating different interpretations of events and considering a wide variety of complex issues in the light of contextual knowledge. History is a prestigious subject which opens the doors to careers in fields such as law and journalism but can also give an extra dimension to a student whose other A level subjects are science based.

History is about debate, it is about formulating an argument; this means that all our history lessons are discussion based. A level history students need to engage in the debate, they need to be able to defend their interpretations of events robustly but listen to alternative viewpoints. They need to be prepared to work hard to gain detailed, specific contextual knowledge about the periods we study and use this to interrogate and assess primary and secondary sources.

Combines with?

Geography, Law, Psychology and English

Leads to?