About The Academy

McQueen’s Academy, as part of the McQueen’s group, now offers a range of GCSE and ‘A’ Level subjects alongside our traditional undergraduate & postgraduate provision. We believe that this makes us unique as a provider of post-compulsory education.

Our idea is to make McQueen’s Academy specialists in accelerated one-year (full time & part time) and intensive revision courses, a one-stop-shop for those seeking a university degree, and a genuine learning community for all students….

Our Courses

Our Ethos

McQueen’s Academy is non-denominational & welcomes young people from all backgrounds. We are committed to providing high quality GCSEs & ‘A’ Level courses which enable students to meet or exceed their academic potential. With a focus on numeracy, literacy & STEM subjects, our curriculum is designed to provide a direct pathway to university or to worthwhile careers.


Our new centre on Backchurch Lane E1 1LX is a state-of-the-art facility, purpose-built with the need of students in mind. Originally designed for university-level courses, the centre has a range of well-equipped classrooms, an extensive library and I.T facilities, excellent private study areas, as well as a cafeteria and student social spaces.

Teaching Quality

Because we share our campus with City of London College, and offer courses from GCSEs right through to Masters Degrees, we are able to attract a very high calibre of teaching staff. Many of our staff have MAs or PhDs in their subjects, and use their up-to-date knowledge for the benefit of younger students.

Student Services

The Student Services Desk plays a key role in dealing with problems and in developing and enhancing your employability. You can get help with difficulties which threaten to affect your well-being or ability to study. If you are planning to go to university, you  will find extensive support for choosing the institution, choosing the course, and preparing your UCAS application.

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.